The Image-Based Data Glove

Vitor F. PamplonaLeandro A. F. FernandesJoão L. PrauchnerLuciana P. NedelManuel M. Oliveira

Data gloves are devices equipped with sensors that capture the movements of the hand of the user in order to select or manipulate objects in a virtual world. Data gloves were introduced three decades ago and since then have been used in many 3D interaction techniques. However, good data gloves are too expensive and only a few of them can perceive the full set of hand movements. In this paper we describe the design of an image-based data glove (IBDG) prototype suitable for finger sensible applications, like virtual objects manipulation and interaction approaches. The proposed device uses a camera to track visual markers at finger tips, and a software module to compute the position of each finger tip and its joints in real-time. To evaluate our concept, we have built a prototype and tested it with 15 volunteers. We also discuss how to improve the engineering of the prototype, how to turn it into a low cost interaction device, as well as other relevant issues about this original concept.

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