ReActive - Engine Reativo de Física

Gabriel F. de AlmeidaArtur L. dos SantosRonaldo F. dos Anjos FilhoFelipe B. BreyerMozart W. S. AlmeidaRodrigo C. de FariasVeronica TeichriebJudith Kelner

Among last generation games, physics simulation engines are a mandatory requisite for realism, and soon will be used on applications other than 3D virtual worlds. This paper describes the ReActive project, an engine that simulates physics using a reactivity approach instead of an iterative one, and provides an abstraction layer for third-party physics engines, diminishing code size to be maintained. It is also possible to extend functionalities and define custom bodies behavior on a simulation with this library. To specify the ReActive engine, the authors present a study related to the main physics simulation and graphics engines, and some prototypes implemented as proof-of-concept, foreseeing the use of physics simulation on collaborative environments.

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