Macacos-Prego (Cebus apella) Resolvem Problemas de Discriminação Simples em Ambiente Virtual

Carlos de Sousa Brito NetoManoel Ribeiro FilhoOlavo de Faria Galvão

Virtual reality knowhow was applied to build an ecological environment to investigate the function of the number of correct vs incorrect stimuli in learning simple discriminations in four capuchin monkeys. They worked individually in an experimental chamber with a touchscreen displaying fruits on a forest background in a 5-stages fruits collect game. In successive stages fruits of the same type, two, and three types of fruits were presented, and finally the correct fruit was shifted. Touching correct fruit was rewarded by a food pellet. Touching other fruits erased the fruits for 3 seconds and same screen was displayed again. Two color contrasts between fruits and background were used whith similar results. This VR environment represents a second step in a larger project to investigate pre-requisites of cognitive behavior in Cebus apella which will involve other kinds of interaction beyond touchscreen.

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