Illumination Techniques for Photorealistic Rendering in Augmented Reality

Saulo A. PessoaEduardo L. ApolinárioGuilherme de S. MouraJoão Paulo S. do M. LimaMárcio A. S. BuenoVeronica TeichriebJudith Kelner

This paper presents a combined solution to realistically insert virtual objects into real scenes. The solution proposed focuses on the illumination problem, which was divided in three parts: estimating the radiance reaching objects' surface, through an Image Based Lighting technique; self shadowing, through an Ambient Occlusion technique; and lighting effects due to lens properties, through Bloom and Exposure Control techniques. These techniques were implemented in a single solution which obtained good visual results. As interactive performance was achieved, the solution presented is suitable to insert virtual objects into Augmented Reality applications in a photorealistic way.

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