EnCIMA: A Graphics Engine for the Development of Multimedia and Virtual Reality Applications

Silvano Maneck MalfattiSelan Rodrigues dos SantosLuciane Machado FragaClaudia Marcela JustelJauvane Cavalvante de Oliveira

This work presents the features of a flexible realtime 3D graphics engine aimed at the development of multimedia applications and collaborative virtual environments. The engine, called EnCIMA (Engine for Collaborative and Immersive Multimedia Applications), enables a quick development process of applications by providing a high level interface, which has been implemented using the C++ objectoriented programming paradigm. The main features of the proposed engine are the support to scene management, ability to load static and animated 3D models, particle system effects, network connection management to support collaboration, and collision detection. In addition, the engine supports several specialized interaction devices such as 3D mice, haptic devices, 3D motion trackers, datagloves, and joysticks with and without force feedback. The engine also enables the developer to choose the way the scene should be rendered to, i.e. using standard display devices, stereoscopy, or even several simultaneous projection for spatially immersive devices.

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