Developing a Framework for the Automatic Generation and Visualisation Of 3D Urban Areas on Mobile Devices

Christos GatzidisVesna Brujic-OkreticFotis LiarokapisStuart Baker

Rapid procedural 3D urban modelling has been a constant research issue for a number of years now. We present a complete procedural 3D modelling solution for mobile device usage of the content, called Virtual City Maker, based on scripting algorithms allowing for both the automatic and also semi-automatic creation of photorealistic quality virtual urban content. The content produced can be specially optimized for use with mobile devices but also with navigational tasks in mind. Moreover, a user-centred mobile virtual reality (VR) visualisation and interaction tool operating on PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) for pedestrian navigation is also discussed supporting the import and display of various navigational file formats equipped with a comprehensive front-end user-friendly graphical user interface providing immersive virtual 3D navigation to a wide range of users.

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