An Infrastructure to Generate Adaptive Virtual Environments with the Management of Client-Server Communication in Real Time

M. S. AquinoF. F. SouzaA. C. FreryD. A. C. M. SouzaR. C. FujiokaM. M. S. Vieira

The Virtual Environments evolution and the arising of new technologies for rendering and visualizing threedimensional objects have contributed for the development of interfaces adapted to the users. These interfaces allow users navigate and interact with elements nearby of his or her realities. Techniques for the generation of Virtual Environments that adapt to the user's profile have been developed, incorporating procedures for tracking actions and changing the environment in light of this behavior. This paper presents the VEPersonal (Personalized Virtual Environment) system, an infrastructure for managing adaptive Virtual Environments, in real time, according to the user's profile. This work proposes an interface for client-server communication, for managing the actions of the user and updating the environment in real time. With this proposal, an adaptive Virtual Environment can be created according to the user's cognitive development, in a dynamic and personalized manner.

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