Um Sistema Multiagente para a Estimação da Cobertura da Conformação por Jateamento em Placas de Alumínio

Luiz Carlos VieiraFlavius P. Ribas MartinsAgenor de Toledo Fleury

Peen Forming is an industrial process based on the induced impact of spherical particles made of steel or ceramic against metallic surfaces, with the purpose of manipulating its shape. Its coverage estimation, an important measurement of the reason between the hit and the exposed areas, is still made by manual fashions and largely dependent on human intervention. However, the automatic segmentation of images captured from surfaces exposed to the process is difficult due to noise-like formations such as shadows and reflections. Multiagent Systems (MAS) are a model from Artificial Intelligence in which computer agents interact to resolve problems distributed and cooperatively. They have been applied to image processing in different domains producing interesting results. This paper presents the efforts in constructing a MAS to segment images captured from aluminum alloy plates submitted to Peen Forming in order to aid in the automatic estimation of the coverage.

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