Surgical Device for Supporting Corneal Transplants

Liliane VenturaJean-Jacques De GrooteSidney J.F. Sousa

A system for supporting corneal suture for minimizing induced astigmatism, due to irregular manual stitches, has been designed. The system projects 48 light spots, from LEDs, displayed in a precise circle at the lachrymal film of the examined cornea. The displacement, the size and deformation of the reflected image of these light spots analysis providies the keratometry and the circularity of the suture. Measurements in the range of 32D - 55D and a self-calibration system has been designed in order to keep the system calibrated. The system has been tested in 13 persons in order to evaluate its clinical applicability and has been compared to a commercial keratometer Topcon OM-4. The correlation factors are 0.92 for the astigmatism and 0.99 for the associated axis. The system indicates that the surgeon should achieve circularity >=98% in order to do not induce astigmatisms over 3D.

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