Metodologias para estimação da idade óssea utilizando a proporção divina com o auxílio da plataforma ANACARP

C.J. OliveteE. L. L. Rodrigues

This paper presents a bone age accompaniment software - Anacarp. This software is formed by news methodology that work in simplified mode, producing results exempt of the subjective human analyze for the bone growth accompaniment. This presents five manners of the bone age estimation. The first one is based on the area measure of interest ossification centers. Others check the growth through the golden proportion among some ossification centers measurements of the hand bones, producing one relation between the bone growths and the chronological age. Finishing was verified the bone growth through the presence of the Fibonacci sequence in phalanges and metacarpals bones. There were used 640 hand X-rays from children's among six and sixteen years old. The results were analyzed using the t-Student test regarding the mean of the report medical obtained through of classical methods. The results obtainedare very promising, getting high-rate of concordance with the medicals reports mean.

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