Identificação de Pessoas através de Algoritmo Genético aplicado em medidas das Proporções Áureas da Face Humana

Walison Joel Barberá AlvesAdilson Gonzaga

There has been an emerging interest of automatic systems that provide the recognition of human faces. Seeing that, scientists have gathered different techniques in order to obtain more and more positive and concrete results. This interest is not of academic concern only, but there is also legal and commercial interest in using systems that can recognize faces in places where it is difficult for humans to locate a person, that is when it is necessary to locate outlaws in crowded places. Tthis work aims at developing a system for the automatic recognition of human faces using proportions and applying an innovative technique that implements a Genetic Algorithm. This algorithm uses the number of facial golden proportion sections as its input, so it is possible to determine the existing proportions and consequently, to locate the desired face no matter the person's facial expression. The results show that the golden ratio, which has been used since the earlier times by painters and sculptors, is present in human facial proportions and is a biometric measurement that enables to identify an individual even with facial expressions.

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