Evaluation of the Error of a Stereophotogrammetry System as a Function of the Object Position with Respect to the Calibration Grid

Júlio C. B. TorresJosé Gabriel R. C. GomesRafael S. de MoraesMariane R. PetragliaAntonio Petraglia

In this paper, we propose an experimental method for quantitative description of the error expected from a stereophotogrammetric measurement system . The dimensioning error clearly appears as a function of the difference between the positions of the object and of the calibration grid, which is an intuitively appealing result . This result is useful for the future derivation of a closed-form formula for the dimensioning error; it is also useful for the development of automatic measurement systems that can load the most appropriate calibration parameters after a rough estimate of the distance from the cameras to an object of interest.

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