A Domain Specific Language for Lessening the Effort Needed to Instantiate Applications Using GRENJ Framework

Vinícius H. S. DurelliRafael S. DurelliSimone de Sousa BorgesRosana T. V. Braga

GRENJ is a white-box framework implemented in Java. White-boxframeworks are reusable designs composed of a set of concrete and abstractclasses so that the collaboration among these classes provides support for largescalereuse of design and source code. However, instantiating applications byusing this sort of framework is quite complex and demands detailed architecturalknowledge. In order to lessen the amount of source code, effort, and expertiserequired to instantiate applications by using GRENJ framework, we have developeda domain specific language that manages all application instantiationissues systematically. This domain specific language facilitates the applicationinstantiation process by acting as a facade over GRENJ framework as well asproviding the user with a more concise, human-readable syntax than Java. Inthis paper, we contrast the major differences and benefits resulting from instantiatingapplications solely using GRENJ framework and indirectly reusing itssource code by applying our domain specific language.

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