Visualização de Estruturas Hierárquicas por meio de Técnicas de Realidade Virtual

Daniel Stefany Duarte CaetanoFernando MattioliLucas VasconcelosKeynes KannoLázaro Vinicius LimaAlexandre CardosoEdgard Lamounier

Hierarchical structures are one of the most common strategies of information organization. Many visualization techniques for this kind of data have been developed in 2D and 3D with the objective of improving the visualization of large hierarchical structures. A common challenge faced by these techniques is to increase the amount of displayed information of each node seeking a balance between quantity and visibility of the presented information. In order to overcome these challenges, this paper presents a visualization technique using Virtual Reality and hypertextual interfaces to view hierarchical structures, allowing the user to interact and navigate easily through the structure, visualizing with clarity many kinds of depth-aligned information.

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