Simulador para Treinamento de Operadores de Colheitadeira Axial de Grãos

Tales BogoniBenevid Felix da SilvaGiovane Maia do ValeIvan Luiz Pedroso PiresEverton Valdomiro Pedroso BrumMarcio Pinho

This paper presents the axial grain harvester project, for operators' training. The main goal is make a tool for aid in the teaching of harvester operators more faster and security, reducing the costs of training and residence time of apprentice in the real harvester, during training. We present provided steps for the project development and the already taken actions so far. The simulator will equipped with harvester's real parts, instrumented with force feedback devices and will use a virtual environment modeled from a Digital Terrain Model (DTM), in addition, the user will use a HMD for view the environment.

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