Evaluating the CapCam: a device for thermal inspection of electrical equipment

Eduardo SouzaLuis Arthur VasconcelosJoão Marcelo TeixeiraEduardo AlbuquerqueVeronica TeichriebJudith Kelner

This paper presents a methodology for both improvement of the CapCam prototype and its field tests, whose goal was to evaluate its usability and functionalities together with end users (engineers, technicians, among others). The CapCam is a portable and head-wearable device, which aims at adding relevant information to the task of thermal inspection in industries, using Augmented Reality (AR) concepts. After going through the process for generating solutions, whose foundation was laid down by the research of similar products, the most satisfactory solution was selected and applied. Finally, tests were carried out with a group of users, in order to assess the products adequacy to ergonomic and technical needs by using different evaluation methods. The results shows that the CapCam is a well-designed solution for several ergonomic problems, besides being efficient to some tasks.

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