Análise de um Sistema de Interação Tangível 3D para Jogos com Realidade Aumentada

Daniel TokunagaSilvio SanchesFernando TsudaRicardo NakamuraRomero Tori

This paper presents an analysis of a system for tangible interface based on computer vision that allows the user to specify position and orientation informations in a natural way. Our system is characterized by presenting stability and robustness in relation to different manipulations of the users. Additionally, in applications based on Augmented Reality the device can be used for the registration of virtual objects, increasing the sense of presence by the illusion of direct manipulation of it. A game based on Augmented Reality was developed to evaluate this system, either due to the characteristics of tangible interface, or the fact that games are suitable for the testing of new interactive technologies. We intend that interaction techniques can be studied from the proposed solution, as well as other applications of the same.

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