Development of a Computer Based System for Simulation of Orthodontic Treatments

Maria Andréia Formico RodriguesMilton Escóssia Barbosa NetoIsabel Maria MagalhãesPinto Ribeiro

Volumetric visualization and functional simulation of human body have been frequently utilized for medical consultation and treatment. In this paper, we aim to simulate the changes in shape that the dental arcades and teeth perform during orthodontic treatment. In particular, we have a special interest in the behaviour of the main anatomical factors leading to complex teeth movement. A central issue in building such a computer-based simulation is to find a way to represent this behaviour so that the relationship between different mouth measurements, orthodontic appliances, and small translations and rotations the tooth executes over time can be simulated and analysed. This includes developing an understanding of how the 3D dental arcade behaves in response to the appliance used, when it is subjected to a variety of loading conditions.

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