Lessons Learned on Requirements Elicitation of Health Care Software Systems

Luiz Marcio CysneirosKarin Koogan Breitman

Today the requirements engineer has at his or her disposal a plethora of field tested approaches in which to elicit system requirements. In a few specific domains, however, the generality of the methods prevents them from being taken by the book. The health care domain is one of such domains. Not only it is a complex domain with many subtleties, but it also presents many political and legal issues that have to be taken into account. This work exposes some of the lessons learned in more than six years working in several hospitals and laboratories. In particular, this paper discusses some elicitation techniques that had to be adapted in order to comply with the constraints imposed by several peculiarities intrinsic to the heath care domain. It also points out to some special considerations that must be taken into account when one chooses a requirements elicitation technique.

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