A Realidade Virtual no Tratamento de Fobias em Grandes Centros Urbanos

Ana Paula T. WaukeRosa Maria E. M. Costa

This article presents some virtual environments for Phobias treatment. Phobia is an intense fear of some situations or objects. The Virtual Reality technology has shown its effectiveness in treating phobias. It has some advantages over exposure in vivo because Virtual Environments avoid embarrassing situations to the patient, and it is possible to go beyond reality. It is very difficult for a person who suffers from phobia to live in a large urban center. In Rio de Janeiro, where are so many tunnels, it is very difficult for a claustrophobic person to cross the city without passing through a tunnel. The anxiety level induced for these experiences will be monitored from physiological responses, verified through cardiac frequency, arterial pressure and neurophsychological tests to measure the degree of anxiety.

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