A web-based application to help on assessment of respiratory system

Fabrício FerracioliMaria Angélica de O. Camargo-Brunetto

We describe a Web-based application to help health care professionals on treatment of patients with chronic respiratory disease. The software addresses clinical issues and research/teaching ones. At the present the software provides an Electronic Patient Record (EPR) that allows integrating different exams used to assess respiratory conditions of a subject. It is also possible to retrieve the history of assessments, with graphic view for each kind of exam. Recent contributions of the software includes retrieving information using dynamic filters and authoring of medical knowledge, by means of XML documents that add metadata to exams. The information retrieving module helps in research issues, allowing identification of groups of patients that satisfy conditions defined by the user. The medical knowledge authoring module has contributed to improve the process of software development, increasing the integration between health care expert, knowledge engineering and software designer.

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