Web-based Medical Education for Cardiology Domain

Antonio Pereira Lima Jr.Lourdes Mattos BrasilEdílson FernedaRaphael PinhoEvandro B. CostaHyggo O. AlmeidaClaudio Chauke NehmeHervaldo S. Carvalho

The Coronary Cardiac Disease (CCD) is considered as the primary cause of death in many countries, including Brazil. Considering the steadily increase of cases and the high cost of coronariopathy treatment, early diagnosis and investments in preventive measures have become a priority.For the reasons exposed above, a virtual environment called Virtual Medical Office (VMO) is being developed, which simulates the process of decision making in a clinical surgical judgment for the definition of a therapeutic conduct for patients with coronariopathy.The VMO is being supported to the definition of a therapeutic conduct in patients: clinical conduct, myocardial revascularization or coronary angioplasty. For this project, several modules are being developed in the construction of the VMO, including an Educational Module that supports learning interactions on the Cardiology area.The Educational Module is being developed on the bases of MATHEMA architecture. This architecture and its knowledge modelling framework are being used in the development of a multi-agent tutoring system that integrates to other VMO modules. For this tutoring system, a domain ontology covering the coronary cardiac disease related to cardiology knowledge is being developed using the Protégé knowledge editor.

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