T@lemed: a telehealth study case project based on ultrasound images

Alécio Pedro Delazari BinottoIlias SachpazidisMárcio Soares TorresGeorgios SakasRoland RohlCarlos Alexandre PolanczykCarlos Eduardo Pereira

The growth of fast wired and wireless internet (including communication via satellite) in Brazil and the recent advance of image compression methods allowed rapid tele-consultation based on medical images. At the present time, one of the challenging problems in telemedicine is the real-time tele-consultation in case of emergency. In this paper, we describe the ongoing T@lemed Project in the Brazilian State of Rio Grande do Sul and present preliminarily results acquired during the first month of operation. The platform, used for medical tele-consultations, is able to perform both real-time and off-line image-based tele-consultations, over Internet connection.

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