Sistemas de Informação no Mercado de Ações: Papel Estratégico e Impactos Éticos, Sociais e Políticos

Renata C. B. MadeoNeilson C. L. RamalhoFernando H. I. B. FerreiraMarcelo Fantinato

This paper presents an overview on the strategic role of Information Systems in stock market, aiming to discuss their ethical, social and political impacts on society, in the light of Information Systems theory. We highlight two strategic goals for these systems: ensuring organization survival or obtaining competitive advantages. From this classification related to strategic goals, we concluded that, in the stock market case, systems aiming to ensure organization survival have brought great benefits to society. However, systems aiming to obtain competitive advantages raise many ethical, social and political issues which need to be better exploited by organizations that operate in stock market.

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