Pontos Chaves para Adoção de Uma Arquitetura Orientada a Serviços: Uma Análise Comparativa de Modelos de Maturidade SOA da Indústria

José Jorge Lima Dias Jr.Joyce Aline P. de OliveiraSilvio R. de Lemos Meira

Adoption of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) has become a common practice in companies that aims at solving problems of flexibility to change and application integration. Although SOA promises to solve such problems, its adoption is not trivial in practice since it requires a process of adaptation and an organizational and technological restructuring. In this context, several SOA Maturity Models have been proposed aiming to aid the adoption process. Hence, this paper presents a comparative analysis among SOA Maturity Models proposed by industry, presenting similarities and differences among them in order to identify key points that can aid in SOA adoption.

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