Modelando Sistemas Multi-Agentes Normativos com a Linguagem MAS-ML

Emmanuel S. S. FreireEnyo J. T. GonçalvesMariela I. CortésYrleyjânder S. Lopes

In Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), the agent's behavior is governed by norms, that their static elements need to be modeled at design time. In this context, the language MAS-ML (Multi-Agent System Language) provides several mechanisms for modeling of the properties of the entities that compose a MAS, but the support of the norm concepts is limited. This paper aims to extend the abstract and concrete syntax of the MAS-ML along with the definition of the new static diagram to support the modeling of MAS along with the static elements of the norms. Thus, there may be a more complete view of the system through a single modeling language.

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