Implementação de um Sistema de Composição Automática de ServiçosWeb (SCASW) Desacoplado: Módulos Interface e Tradutor

Juan Carlos ZuñigaFelipe L. PierinJosé J. Pérez-AlcázarSergio. T. KofujiAdriano V. Fernandes

One of the goals in Semantic Web research has been to provide concepts, methods, and tools to combining several web services to provide a new value-added service which satisfy the user requests. Manual composition is an arduous and susceptible to errors task. To avoid this problem, methods and tools have been proposed for automatic composition of web services. This paper aims to describe the implementation of a system of automatic composition of Web services, specifically, two loosely coupled modules: the interface and the translator. These modules were developed to obtain greater flexibility and also to be used by non-technical users, as recommended by the design principles for service-oriented systems.

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