E-PL: Um Objeto de Aprendizagem para o Ensino de Programação Linear

Rodrigo VerasLeonardo de SousaMarcos FrazãoIális de Paula JrVinícius Machado

This paper describes the development of a learning object for the study of the simplex method called E-PL (Teaching Linear Programming). This method is the main topic of Linear Programming (LP) subject which is present in the curricula of several graduated courses, such as those related to Computer Science, Engineering, Accounting and Administration. The LP is an area of research with applications in diverse fields of the scientific, commercial and technical. Nonetheless, in spite of being a very practical discipline, most initiatives in LP teaching/learning adopts a strategy predominantly theoretical. E-PL can be used in classroom or distance teaching because there is a large interactivity with the student and their choices are guided and corrected automatically.

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