Complementando o Aprendizado em Programação: Experiências no Curso de Sistemas de Informação da USP

Luciano A. DigiampietriSarajane M. PeresFábio NakanoNorton T. RomanBárbara B. C. SilvaBeatriz TeodoroDouglas F. P. da Silva Jr.Guilherme V. A. PereiraGuilherme O. BorgesGustavo R. PereiraMarcelo V. dos SantosMaruscia BaklizkyPriscilla K. WagnerVitor A. Barros

The undergraduate Information Systems course at the University of S~ao Paulo constantly seeks to improve the education it offers to its students, something that requires constant innovation and enrichment of the teaching-learning process executed by its lecturers and students. In the search of such enrichment, lecturers and students have been carrying out some efforts, amongst which are the experiences presented in this paper: the Programming Challenges course and the Programming Contest for First Years. Both experiences are focused on complementing the learning process of programming logic, algorithms and data structures - hard subjects from the didactic viewpoint, but indispensable to a high quality technical education.

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