Notacao Canonica para a Citacao de Trechos de Normas Estatutarias Juridicas Brasileiras

Peter de Padua KraussJoao Alberto de Oliveira Lima

The use of the Xpointer standard for the retrieval of pieces of norm texts cited or referenced by other texts, is of great importance forthe generation of hypertexts and juridical knowledge bases. In spite of the absence of standards, and of the complexity of the DTDs to overcome this gap, it can be demonstrated that it is possible to determine simple methods for the redirectioning of pointers. To this end, the concept of "Canonical Citation Form" is proposed, which consists of a small set of notational rules and terminological control, with which the construction of the Xpointers from the citations expressed in natural language, as well as the conversion of any DTD to the intermediary form, are easily obtained.

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