Normalizacao de itens lexicais baseada em sufixos

Marco GonzalezDaniela ToscaniLeticia RosaRita Dorneles,Vera L. S. de Lima

The NILP system executes a morphological normalization of lexical items in Portuguese language texts. The system receives a morphological tagged text and adds to each word its canonical form. The verbs (except participles) are reduced to infinitive, and other variable words are reduced to singular masculine form. NILP reads suffix bases and implements deterministic finite automata which are specialized in types such as adjectives, articles, numeral, pronouns, nouns and verbs. NILP prototype reaches up to a 90% precision. A relevant contribution of this work is the construction of the suffix bases. These are adaptable to other purposes (for instance, nominalization process), or they may help morphological normalization of other languages.

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