Uma Arquitetura para Resolução de Conflitos Coletivos em Sistemas Ubíquos e Cientes de Contexto

Thais R. M. B. SilvaLinnyer B. RuizAntonio A. F. Loureiro

Ubiquitous systems perform omnipresent computational applicationsthat provide their services all the time and everywhere. In general, these systemsare collective as they are designed to operate into everyday environments sharedby a group of people. Ubiquitous applications frequently use information abouttheir users and the execution environment, which are called contexts, to adapttheir services. In this case, these applications may reach an uncertain state whenthe contextual data from each considered user points to different adaptationactions. This work proposes a client-server architecture to detect and solveconflicts for collective, ubiquitous and context-aware systems, whose modulesconsider the trade-off between quality of services and resources consumption.Two different collective context-aware applications were evaluated. The resultsshowed that the proposed architecture was able to maintain the quality of theservices and extend the application lifetime.

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