Um Mecanismo de Reputação para Redes Veiculares Tolerantes a Atrasos e Desconexões

Wellington Passos de PaulaSérgio de OliveiraJosé Marcos Nogueira

Among the proposed applications for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks(VANETs), we can stick out applications in which network members can exchangeinformation about the traffic conditions and the occurrence of risk eventsin the roads. In those scenes, the use of wrong information in the decision processexecuted by the vehicles can cause serious accidents. Therefore, is necessarythe development of solutions capable to incentive cooperative behaviors'and punish the malicious ones. This work presents a reputation mechanism forVANETs, called RMDTV. Through this mechanism, network members emit qualificationsto other members responsible for sending correct information. Thesequalifications are added to all generated messages by their carriers in intentionof attesting their reliability. Simulations show that RMDTV increases the qualityof taken decisions by members of a VANET, even with the presence of a greatamount of malicious nodes.

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