Um Algoritmo Heurístico para Roteamento Robusto Baseado em Avaliação de Fluxo Máximo

Maverson E. S. RosaElias P. Duarte Jr.

Maximum flow evaluation allows the selection of robust routes as itrepresents the topology redundancy in terms of the amount of disjoint routesavailable. In this paper we propose an efficient heuristic algorithm that allowsthe construction of routing tables using maximum flow and route length as criteriafor route selection. The algorithm builds routing tables that map destinationaddresses to multiple output interfaces ranked according to estimates of robustnessand cost. The algorithm employs backtracking to allow messages to tryalternatives if the route in use fails. A proof of correctness is presented as wellas experimental results obtained with simulation. Results show that the proposedstrategy devises robust routes that are in average slightly larger than thecorresponding shortest paths.

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