Sobre o Consumo de Energia dos Mecanismos de Descoberta de Dispositivos em Redes Tolerantes a Atrasos e Interrupções

Tiago Souza AzevedoLuís Felipe M. de Moraes

One of the main challenges found in Delay and Disruption TolerantNetworks is the efficient consumption of energy. Many studies indicate that thisconsumption occurs mainly in the neighbour discovery process. There are manyapproaches to reduce the energy consumption and increase the lifetime of thenetwork, however, all the approaches induce a decrease in number of contacts.In this sense, this work proposes to identify the tradeoff between the number ofcontacts and energy consumption during neighbour discovery process. Thus,a new metric, the probability of lose opportunities of contact, is defined and anew analytic model is proposed. Later, this model is evaluated and validatedthrough simulated results, giving new insights into resolution of energy consumptionproblem.

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