Seleção de Parceiros em Sistemas Par-a-Par de Vídeo sob Demanda

Igor M. MoraesOtto Carlos M. B. Duarte

In this paper, we evaluate the use of partner selection mechanisms toincrease the availability of chunks of interest among peers in peer-to-peer videoon-demand systems. We present the lifetime-based partner selection mechanismand compare it with other similar mechanisms through simulation. We showthat the lifetime-based mechanism selects more efficient partners than the othermechanisms and does not require any additional control message due to users'interactivity. Thus, it provides a playback continuity higher than 99% and acache hit-ratio higher than 95% for the interactivity patterns analyzed. Thelifetime-based mechanism achieves this performance even requiring cache sizesup to 80% smaller than the other mechanisms.

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