Resource Consumption Analysis for a Structural Health Monitoring Algorithm Using Wireless Sensor Networks

Igor Leão dos SantosLuci PirmezÉrico LemosLuiz VazFlávia C. DelicatoNeuman Souza

This work presents a partial evaluation of a fully decentralizedapproach to detect, localize and determine the extent of damage on civilstructures in environments that range from offshore oil and gas industry towind farms. The evaluation presented in this work is a first step towards theconception of a fully decentralized algorithm for Structural HealthMonitoring, whose key idea is to fully distribute the procedure of monitoring astructure among the nodes in a Wireless Sensor Network. Experimental resultsshowed that the algorithm, still under development, performed well in terms ofnetwork lifetime, and proved that all the operations required by the algorithmcan be efficiently provided by a Wireless Sensor Network.

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