Redução do tempo de zapping em serviços IPTV sobre redes GPON utilizando vídeos escaláveis

Marcos P. MokarzelSandro M. RossiAndré B. SassiMônica L. Rocha

This paper proposes the coding and transmission scheme for IPTVin GPON that reduces the zapping time to values smaller than one frame time.The study was based on the scalable SNR proposed in MPEG-2 standard andcan be easily ported to other standards like FGS in MPEG-4. Transport usesGPON multicast feature beside IGMP protocol. This work assumes that theIPTV subscriber will accept low video quality, at the zapping moment, thatwill increase progressively. Comparative graphics show the quality increasealong the time between zapping, low quality video starting and the progressivequality improve up to stability in full quality.

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