Provendo Eficiência e Justiça em um Sistema de Cache em Disco para Grades Computacionais Entre-Pares

Rafael SilvaFrancisco BrasileiroRaquel Lopes

Computational peer-to-peer (P2P) grids are a cheap and efficientplatform to run applications such as "bag-of-tasks", consisting of a large number oftasks that do not need to communicate amongst themselves and can be executedindependently. When these applications handle a large amount of data, it is crucialthat the overhead involved with data transfer does not impact applicationperformance. Fortunately, many of these applications have a high rate of datareuse, whether in the same or in successive runs of the application, which allows acaching strategy to be used, so to minimize the loss of performance related to datamovement. However, implementing a caching system atop non-dedicated resourcesand subject to usage policies that are not necessarily homogeneous is not a trivialtask. In this paper we propose a disk cache mechanism that promotes collaborationamongst the peers forming the P2P grid and results in a fair and efficient allocationof the disk space provided by the peers.

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