Projeto Integrado para Comunicação de Dados em Redes de Sensores sem Fio

Felipe Domingos da CunhaMichelle Nery NascimentoRaquel A. F. MiniAntonio A. F. Loureiro

The design of protocols for wireless sensor networks is often basedon a layered architecture in which the exchange of information and interactionsamong layers are restricted. Also, the communication between two layers notadjacent in the protocol stack is not allowed. On the other hand, the cross-layerdesign approach makes possible a strong interaction between two or more lay-ers of the protocol stack and information sharing during the protocol runtime.In order to improve the quality of the data routing on network, we evaluated thecross-layer techniques in two situations: broadcast and data collection. Simu-lations results showed that it is possible achieve a good improvement in routingwith the use of cross-layer design.

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