P2P Streaming de Alta Definição: Análise Quantitativa de Esquemas de Assinatura Digital para Autenticação de Conteúdo

Rafael Vieira CoelhoMarinho Pilla BarcellosIngrid Jansch-PôrtoLuciano Gaspary

P2P live streaming applications have great potential for improvementsin terms of popularity as well as quality. However, they are subjectto pollution attacks, in which a malicious user tampers with audio/video ofstreams in order to fool other users. The authentication of blocks in a streamallows lately the detection of polluted content and can lead to the identificationof malicious users. The literature includes several proposals of light digitalsignature schemes. This paper, unlike previous ones, analyses such schemes inthe perspective of high definition P2P live streaming. For such, it quantitativelycompares overheads and the security level during P2P streaming sessions,identifying research challenges to be faced.

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