On the reduction of scalable video base-layer packet loss rate on FIFO/Drop-tail queues

Guilherme D. G. JaimeEdmundo de Souza e SilvaRosa Maria Meri LeãoJosé Roberto Boisson De Marca

In this work we develop a simple, yet robust, application-layer adaptationtechnique based on scalable video codecs. The proposed technique canadapt to the varying capacity available to a connection and, delivers a superiorquality of received video. We take advantage of both scalable video propertiesand the characteristics of the packet dropping random process at the lastlink's wireless router's queue. By fine-tuning the inter-packet transmission timeat the server side, we show that the resulting packet loss pattern yields a superiorquality of experience (QoE) without any changes in the wireless router'spacket scheduling or drop policies. In other words, by varying the per framepacket inter-spacing time while maintaining a given frame rate (i.e., by varyingthe transmission burstiness) one can control the QoE. We develop an analyticalmodel to study the loss pattern of individual packets in a n-packet burst that isthe foundation of our proposal.

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