Observando o Universo BitTorrent Através de Telescópios

Rodrigo Brandão MansilhaAlan MezzomoGiovani FacchiniLuciano Paschoal GasparyMarinho Pilla Barcellos

Recent analysis of the latest peer-to-peer (P2P) trends worldwideshows that BitTorrent is the most popular file sharing protocol, responsible formore than 45-78% of all peer-to-peer P2P traffic, depending on geographicallocation. Despite the importance of these statistics and the growing interest forswarm-based networked systems, very little is known about the dynamics of theBitTorrent "ecosystem", mainly due to the limited nature - in terms of coverage,accuracy and richness of detail - of the monitoring methods designed tothis end. To tackle this issue, we propose a management information model anda monitoring architecture that allows a flexible combination of strategies to observethe "BitTorrent Universe". To show concept and technical feasibility, wehave implemented a prototypical implementation of the architecture, and as anexample instantiated monitoring tasks combining a different subset of monitoringstrategies.

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