NodeWiz-R: um sistema para a indexação expressiva, eficiente e auto-gerenciável de recursos distribuídos na Internet

José F. M. Vieira JúniorPaulo R. M. GomesFrancisco BrasileiroLívia Sampaio

Resource discovery is a crucial service to enable sharing in largescale systems such as the Internet. In such broad and dynamic systems,distribution and self-management are key requirements. Although severalsolutions have been proposed for distributed and autonomous resource discoveryservices on the Internet, they all fail to provide at least one of thefollowing important features: i) an expressive way to relate the attributes thatannotate resources; ii) efficient ways to index these attributes; and iii) highmatching rates in the requests processed. In this paper, we present NodeWiz-R,a distributed and self-managed resource discovery solution that implementsa relational model atop of a peer-to-peer substrate to simultaneously provideall these three features. Results obtained by simulations and confirmed byexperiments with the system prototype, indicate that NodeWiz-R is more efficientthan other flooding based solutions for distributed SQL query processing.

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