Pedro B. VellosoRafael P. LauferOtto Carlos M. B. DuarteGuy Pujolle

Implementação e Análise Prática de Desempenho do Mecanismo MARA em Redes em Malha Sem Fio

This paper presents and analyzes a trust model for mobile ad hoc networks. We aim to provide nodes a mechanism to build a trust relationship with their neighbours. The proposed model considers the recommendation of trustworthy neighbours and the experience of the node itself. The interactions are limited to direct neighbours in order to scale on mobile networks. The results show the efficiency and the trade-off of our model in the presence of mobility. We also analyze the advantages of considering the relationship maturity, i.e. for how long nodes know each other, to evaluate the trust level. The maturity parameter can decrease the trust level error up to 50%.

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