Impacto do Roteamento no Escalonamento de Enlaces em Redes em Malha Sem Fio

Carlos Henrique Pereira AugustoCelso Barbosa CarvalhoMarcel William Rocha da SilvaJosé Ferreira de Rezende

Increasing the capacity of wireless mesh networks has motivated numerousstudies. In this context, link scheduling has been one of the most investigatedmechanisms. However, the isolated use of scheduling mechanisms doesnot guarantee a significant increase in capacity independently of the routes followedby traffic. For this reason, the use of cross-layer optimization techniquesinvolving the joint use of scheduling and routing algorithms has been recommendedin the literature. Initially, this paper demonstrates the loss of efficiencycaused by the lack of interaction between these two algorithms. Then, a jointmechanism is proposed, evaluated and compared through simulations. The resultsshow the gains obtained by using this new approach.

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