Identificação e Caracterização de Spammers a partir de Listas de Destinatários

Pedro H. Calais GuerraMarco Túlio RibeiroDorgival Olavo GuedesWagner Meira Jr.Cristine HoepersKlaus Steding-JessenMarcelo H. P. C. Chaves

In this work, we analyze spamming dissemination patterns that canbe inferred from spam's recipient lists. From the set of recipients associated toeach source IP address, we determined the sets of IP numbers that systematicallyabuse the same targets. We then caracterized how those sets abuse theirrecipient lists and unveil properties that may be employed as spam mitigationcriteria. Our study unveils that up to 100% of the recipients targeted by a givenIP address are also targeted by other IP addresses geographically close withinthe network and that it is possible to determine spammers considering only spamsource and targets.

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