Group Communication for Self-Aware Distributed Systems

Raimundo José de Araújo MacêdoAllan Edgard Silva Freitas

Since the eighties that Group Communication is being proposed as apowerful abstraction to design fault-tolerant distributed applications in a varietyof distributed system models, ranging from synchronous, to time-free asynchronousmodel. Though similar in principles, to date, distinct specificationsand implementations have been employed for distinct system models. However,the nature of many modern distributed systems, with dynamic and variedQoS guarantees, imposes new challenges where integration, self-awareness andadaptation to available QoS are common requirements. This paper tackles thischallenge by proposing a group communication mechanism capable of handlinggroup communication for self-aware distributed systems whose model propertiescan vary with time. For example, it can dynamically switch to the asynchronousversion when the run-time system can no longer guarantee a timely operation.The protocol is proved correct in this paper and a performance evaluation ispresented for distinct QoS scenarios.

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