Geração de Topologias da Internet por Redução do Grafo Original

Mariane Raquel S. GonçalvesJoylan N. MacielCristina D. Murta

In this paper, we present a method to generate synthetic graphs thatmimics the Internet topology at the autonomous systems level based on randomsampling of the original graph. The most common approach to obtain asynthetic topology is to build a graph based on models of the real topology.However, the complexity of interactions that produce the real topology is difficultto be reproduced through models. Moreover, due to the evolution of thenetwork, the models must be continually updated. The approach of graph minoringeliminates the need of building models of the topology. The results showthat reductions of up to 80% in the original graph preserve their characteristics.The results are compared to similar methods and also to synthetic graphs fromtopology generators.

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