Escalonamento Distribuído de Inundações em Redes Ad Hoc Móveis

Carlos Henrique Pereira AugustoJosé Ferreira de Rezende

Flooding of data and control messages is a widely used mechanism innetwork aplications and protocols, which can have latency requirements for theinformation delivery. However, this Minimum-Latency Broadcast Schedulingproblem is NP-Complete, thus some papers propose approximation algorithms.This work presents simulation results of well-known flooding control mechanismover IEEE 802.11 which shows that simple heuristics can achieve tolerable latencies.Finally, it proposes a distributed scheduling mechanism with partialknowledge of topology and its performance is measured combined with floodingcontrol mechanism in CSMA/CA and TDMA networks. The proposal efficiencyis proven by comparison to theoretical limits of centralized algorithms.

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